How to Get Your Self-Published Books into Bookstores and Libraries

  1. Know your market for your book

What is average retail price? What are the cover and designs people are comparing your book to? Do the stores and libraries you are target marketing BUY books like yours?

2. Know How They Buy Books

Most bookstores buy from wholesalers. Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Bookazine, America West, Follett, Brodart, Unique, Quality and Midwest Book.

Independent bookstores buy from wholesalers and also buy on consignment directly from authors or publishers

3. Get Into Book Wholesalers

Checkout the whole seller we found below:


Baker & Taylor:

American West: www.americanwestbrooks.coom


4. Develop a Marketing and Media Plan

maintain a plan to create demand for your book. Create a constant set of activities to show your book to world.

5. Create Professional Marketing Materials

6. Know Your Buyer’s Goals

Choose books that are appealing . Choose books that make money. Books that increase traffic to the buyers location.

7. Contact Bookstore buyers and Librarians

Focus on the bookstore and libraries Goals. Send a email out to promote your book.

8. Follow Up

Find the right stores and libraries, do your homework, create your materials, reach out to the buyers and collect your money.

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