Banksy Painting ‘Self Destructs’ Moments After Being sold for $1.25 million at Auction

Right after the hammer fell, Banksy self destructed/shredded his own work after it sold for 953,829 pounds ($1.25m USD) at the Sotheby‘s evening auction on the 5th of October 2018!!!


Banksy rose to prominence through a series of graffiti pieces across the country.

The enigmatic artist is thought to have grown up in Bristol, but his identity has remained a secret despite much speculation over the years.

Among his recent works was the 2015 opening of Dismaland, a Disneyland-esque theme park which he described as a “family theme park unsuitable for children”.

Who bought it? And do they still have to pay?

Sotheby’s has not revealed who had bought the piece before it was shredded.

At the moment it is unclear whether their contract still stands.


source: Banksy

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