1. Koji said:

    These are good comments, iianstrltlug the importance of knowing the truth that makes us free. If we are truly free, not even death can separate us from God and his plan for us. I am thankful for the supreme price that was paid for atonement, because without it, my life has no meaning whatsoever, and I would just be a slave to our society. I think a lot of Christians are asleep, and it is time that WE wake up, be educated with these new age, humanistic facts, and then walk in the truth as we learn it. Too much time has passed where we have walked in half-truths, man’s opinions, and we have not searched for the truth, like hidden treasure. We have been taught to leave out God, and to be ashamed of the name of Jesus. When I say God, I’m referring to God Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth. The Alpha and Omega, first and the last, who was, who is, and is to come.

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