Swizz Beats Sells Basquiat Painting To Jay-Z

photo credit: Instagram


Jay-Z bought one of Swizz Beats original paintings of legendary artist Jean-Michel Basquiat on the hood of a Benz.

Swizz takes to twitter to celebrate selling of his artwork:

Look who purchased my Basquiat on Benz Hood 2day,” Swizz wrote. “What a honor and Blessing I’m so grateful for the support! July 4 its Showtime ART LIFE!!! I will use proceeds to continue helping kids in need.”


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  1. ; this would not be a single for the mtirojay of acts. The label would probably reject it as not being as such.I think I have told the story before here but I have gone up against Alicia specifically at radio and she cannot be beat (though not because I wanted to we have ties and her people are great and I have nothing but great things to say about them). Her name plus her budget will knock another artist with a more radio friendly single and hit record (but with a lesser name) right off of the playlist. So I expect this to be heard on radio regularly even though it is nowhere near “Unthinkable” from a hit standpoint.

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