Hoop Dreams 2 Street Dreams: the Dana Gold story

We first broke the Dana Gold Story earlier this year.  Dana recently sat down exclusively with GWOP Magazine in his luxurious suite at the Bellagio in  Las Vegas,  to discuss his upcoming film.  Dana has a 140 page screen play completed, which was written by Bob Burris (Growing Pains TV Series  producer ’90s, In The House  TV Series producer ’90s ) and Brian Rouff (author of Dice Angel).

Here are a few facts to recap the Dana Gold story.

Dana overcame a childhood handicap to become a high school All-American basketball player in the early 1980s.  In his high school days he played alongside NBA greats such as Steve Kerr (5x NBA Champion, NBA 3 pt Champion), Cedric Ceballos (’92 Slam Dunk champion) and Kiki Vandeweghe (2x NBA All Star).  Dana stopped chasing hoop dreams and became “Hoogie” the biggest drug kingpin in Los Angeles moving 100-1000 kilos of cocaine a week. Dana lived according to his motto, “hardwork, dedication and believe in yourself”. Dana Gold broke color barriers with the notorious LA street gangs; Blood’s and Crips, dated super model Brooke Burke (host  of Dancing With The Stars) and helped the career of ex wife R & B singer Cherrelle. Dana took his punishment and paid his debt to society.

Dana & Brooke @ Dana’s Laguna Niguel Mansion

Dana overcame adversity and achieved the American Dream through his belief of  hard work and dedication.  Dana owned and operated VIP Boxing Gym on Venice beach which was the #1 boxing gym of southern California in the late 80s early 90s during the Oscar De La Hoya era.  Dana managed and promoted  former lightweight champion Carlos “Famoso” Hernandez and legendary boxer Tommy Hearns trained at VIP Boxing for his 1991 bout vs. Virgil Hill.  Dana gambled with Mike Tyson and wagered hundreds of thousands of dollars on horse races in the early 1990s. Dana’s story is 1 in a billion, and he is still alive to tell the truth.

Stay tuned to GWOP Magazine for more videos and updates on the Dana Gold Story.

The Dana Gold movie project is currently being shopped to major Hollywood film studios and Dana has a book being written set for release in 2013-2014.

  1. Karma said:

    I love this story . When is the movie coming out?

  2. Bob jones said:

    I like this guy been following him since last time you posted article on hoogie . When is the movie coming out or when can I read his book ? I can tell this guy is connected with the mob he has that kinda swag about him .. Keep us posted on the lastest with the dana gold story . Seems like a great movie to go watch .

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