The American Dream: Dana Gold Story

The REAL story of Dana Gold aka “Hoogie” a former Jewish drug kingpin and entrepreneur from Los Angeles, CA. Dana Gold speaks on how he achieved the American Dream.

Directed by Beezy @GWOPMagazine

Dana is currently working on a screenplay for a feature film on a biopic of his life.  If interested in investing in the project email: or  Serious Inquiries Only

12 minute Short documentary version

  1. Les King said:

    Looks good Boss!

  2. Anonymous said:

    Please keep following up and let us know when the movie comes out. I’d certainly go see it – tribulations, drugs, kingpins, boxers, stars, mafia, cartels AND a documentary? I’m in.

  3. Anonymous said:

    Some one in the movie business should pick up on this story, looks like a good movie project. This could become a great movie, if it’s done right! Good luck and I would like to see this movie when it’s made.

  4. Rich said:

    Amazing story

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