Big Meech Says, “T.I. Is No Snitch, 100% Authentic Dude”


The Real Big Meech dropped a letter to Straight From The A in regards to Atlanta rap artist, actor, convicted felon and friend T.I. (Clifford Harris). Checkout the full letter after the jump.

What’s “Craccin”

I must get straight to the point because I personally have a problem with people assassinating a real stand up dude character, namely T.I., talking about he a “SNITCH” when we are living in the information era and there is absolutely no public record of this man being a “SNITCH.”

There is no person in the Federal or State system that can say or saying that “T.I. Clifford Harris” snitched on them.

I’m tired of people spraying his name when his plea deal and sentencing transcripts is “ONLINE.” You pay $40 to get on “Pacer” and you have access to all court documents on any person in the “UNITED STATES.”

They also show you any motions or appeals that’s filed within a 48 hour period. The government would never hide the fact that T.I. is a snitch because they would want the world to know that they broke him like they broke Sammy the Bull, Nicky Barnes, Rayful Edmunds, Alpo, and Frank Lucas, who snitched on his own family members.

As far as the Ohio incident in which his friend Philant got killed, Tip was subpoenaed to court and only said a van pulled alongside and started shooting. He DID NOT see the shooter or who was shooting. From my understanding, the shooters own brother snitched on HIM.

To sum it up, I put me… “THE REAL BIG MEECH” and the whole “B.M.F.” family life on the line that “T.I. Clifford Harris” is a “100% Solid Authentic Dude.”

“Loyalty is not just a word it’s a LIFESTYLE”

With respect n’ much love,

The REAL BIG Meech

“Last of a DEAD Breed”
B.M.F. 4 Life




  1. Anonymous said:

    What Meech say about Jay Jenkinks?

  2. Elfida said:

    2 0Great topic. I’m not religious, but IMO most soiacl epidemics in the world aren’t brand new, it’s the openness and acceptance of them that are. I.e. Single parent households, sex before marriage , porn, freak -dancing, stealing, etc. So in that case i feel that society is just being open and accepting of these things, THEN it becomes the norm. THAT DOES NOT MEAN that things were just happening like that all rapidly, i’m just saying THERE WERE cases of such things even back when. That said, yes society encourages cheating because it sells the image of a sexual escape, with the soiacl acceptance of it fueling the fire. The idea of the Tempting-Unattainable makes even the person with everything trade it in for a lil nothing.Me, as a woman, i lose hope on the daily that you can surround yourself with like-minded people who value commitment, so i don’t know what lies ahead for me. But i will say this: just like biology, i feel people attain their best self when their environment is varied. Just like species that have higher survival come from species that mix, i feel that when someone hangs out with someone other than their gender and age, they get a sense of enlightenment. When women surround themselves with only women, the most stupidest advice can surface in relationships, and the dumbest opportunist and manipulative behavior is encouraged. When men surround themselves with other men, likewise; chest-thumpin stupidity and encouragement of things they know would not be good for themselves, family, society, their ancestors, etc. When children hang with only children, imagination pops off, but no guidance or no thought-provoking discussions with older people can cause young folks to make dumb decisions. So to prevent that? A blend is needed. You NEED the experience with a female non-romantically, experience with a male non-romantically, and the young perspective, as well as the older perspective as well. You ALSO need to know what it means to look out for yourself, your opposite gender, and young people. So i always make sure I have thought-provoking friends who are not only my gender and age, but male and/or young too. And the perfect example of this? A nuclear family. To me, when I peek at a functioning family that obviously has respect for each and gets things accomplished TOGETHER, I feel THAT’S enlightenment of society. The epitome of a good society. So if someone doesn’t have someone they respect of the opposite gender in their life, or is uncomfortable around young people, that’s a red flag that tells me they still have some evolving to do. And so, I feel that’s how we could slow down the acceptance of society’s destructive vices including cheating; understanding that we aren’t looking out for only ourselves, but for opposite gender and young folks. Basic principle of PUT YOURSELF IN OTHER PEOPLE’S SHOES. Most people who are focused on having a good time aint tryna hear me though…the truth is boring. Pass the margarita….turn up Housewives of Atlanta ….watch her slide on that pole .lets all smoke a sack. Sigh. My people can we just shut up and do right?? Damn.

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