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The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is accepting applications for  its Grand Challenges Explorations initiative, an agile, accelerated grant program encouraging bold approaches aimed at improving the lives of the world’s poorest people. Anyone – students, scientists, entrepreneurs – with a transformative idea is invited to submit an easy, online, two-page application.

The Gates Foundation and an independent group of reviewers will select the most innovative proposals, and grants will be awarded within approximately four months from the proposal submission deadline. Initial grants are USD$100,000 each. Projects demonstrating potential will have the opportunity to receive additional funding up to $1 million (usd).

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Young adults from affluent families are more likely to live at home than their poorer counterparts, a new study from Australia’s Melbourne Institute has found (via the Wall Street Journal). Three quarters of 20-year-olds from wealthy backgrounds live at home, while less than two-thirds of young adults whose families used welfare still rely on them for financial support, the report finds.

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