NAB 2013: 8k TV Broadcasting Resolution Coming in 2020


Japanese broadcasting company, NHK introduced its cutting-edge technology at NAB 2013 in Las Vegas, the world’s largest exhibition related to broadcasting equipment and technology, NHK presented the latest television technology. SUPER Hi-VISION or (SHV) technology.
SHV (8K Ultra HDTV) is the broadcasting medium of the near future, and NHK is playing a leading role in promoting the development of this technology. SHV offered viewers an extremely vivid viewing experience with its ultra high-definition million pixels, which is 16 times that of
the current Hi-Vision (HDTV), and 22.2 multichannel 3D soundsystem.
NHK aims to move forward with development and set up facilities for the practical use of SHV and Hybridcast. It will also work to globally promote these technologies through international standardization activities and other efforts.


source: GWOP Magazine

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