Cash Money signs Limp Bizkit


The Hollywood Reporter reports that Lil Wayne announced on NYC’s Kiss FM that Fred Durst & Co. will be joining the home that Slim and Baby built. Wayne phoned into the radio station, stating that his budding empire was signing “everyone.” Then Fred Durst made it legit on Twitter, as tweets with inspirational messages followed with the inevitable “Cash Money Limp Bizkit” announcement.

“Rock sh*t doesn’t rock anymore! They say the whole game done went pop so I’m back in this ho! #CMLB,” tweeted Durst.

It’s a strange fit for the YMCMB team, but not a total surprise. Wayne aligned himself with rocker Kevin Rudolf pretty early on, only to steal the electric guitar right from under him and release his own Rock-inspired Rebirth album. What this means musically for Limp Bizkit’s semi-rock-rap shtick remains to be seen.

Wayne didn’t stop at Limp Bizkit though when it came to roster announcements. He hinted at the possible signing of former Murder Inc. First Lady, Ashanti. After her recent single “The Woman You Love” with Busta Rhymes (also a recent Cash Money signee).

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