Lil Wayne

Rapper and Entrepreneur Lil Wayne skates in a new skateboard park he helped finance along with Glu Agency and Mountain Dew, in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans.

The new park is located in a building that survived the Hurricane Katrina flooding. It was constructed using recycled materials, will be run using solar energy and includes all the features skaters love — stairs with rails for sliding, skating embankments and half pipes.

The rapper partnered with Mountain Dew and Glu Agency, a New York-based advertising firm, to launch the new park, which will be open to the public seven days a week, beginning Monday.

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Lil Wayne is suing Quincy Jones III over a documentary that made Wayne look like a drug addict.
Lil Wayne is grilled by QD3’s lawyer, Pete Ross from the powerhouse law firm of Browne George Ross, who hammers Wayne about his criminal record, but the rapper claims he remembers nothing.

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ONE Distribution has announced that Supra has entered a partnership with rapper Lil Wayne. The exclusive relationship will result in a collection of footwear inspired and overseen by Lil Wayne and manufactured by Supra. The collection will debut at the Project trade show in Las Vegas on August 20-22 and promises to feature a diverse range of styles.

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