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In theaters August 23rd and on demand and iTunes August 26!

Trapped in the nervous desperation of Havana, Raul dreams of escaping to Miami. When accused of assault, his only option is to flee. He begs his best friend, Elio, to abandon everything and help him reach the forbidden land 90 miles across the ocean. Elio’s commitment is tested when he is torn between helping Raul escape and protecting his twin sister, Lila. Brimming with the nervous energy of Havana’s restless youth in the crumbling sun-bleached capital, Una Noche follows one sweltering day, full of hope and fraught with tension, that burns to a shocking climax.

A film by Lucy Mulloy

Spike Lee is looking to raise $1.2 million for his new indie film titled, “BLOOD” thru a kickstarter campaign.  Spike Lee has been doing kickstarter since his first film Shes Gotta Have it before internet and social media was popular.   Spike Lee raised the money to complete historic film Malcolm X with donations from Bill Cosby, Oprah Winfrey, Janet Jackson, Earvin “Magic” Johnson and Michael Jordan.

Dontate to help finance Spike Lee’s next joint on Kickstarter


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