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Militant: Ayo Kimathi, an acquisitions officer for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, was suspended with pay after it was discovered that he has been moonlighting as an advocate for a race war

Ayo Kimathi, a Department of Homeland Security employee was placed on PAID leave after being accused of running a website speaking out on black oppression. A government official has confirmed that Kimathi is behind the page. The website warns of a war between the races.  Under his pseudonym: Irritated Genie, Kimathi creates youtube videos discussing his opposition to hip hop/rap music brainwashing, homosexuality, the abuse of black women, black entrepreneurship and unity within the black community.

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1: Gisele Bündchen  $42 million

2: Miranda Kerr  $7.2 million

3: Adriana Lima  $6 million

4: Kate Moss  $5.7 million

5: Liu Wen  $4.3 million

6: Hilary Rhoda  $4 million

7: Carolyn Murphy  $3.6 million

8: Joan Smalls  $3.5 million

9: Candice Swanepoel  $3.3 million

10: Lara Stone  $3.2 million

source: Steve Forbes

source: TechCrunch

Yahoo has just announced that it is purchasing Interclick, a data-driven ad network. The total acquisition price is around $270 million, or $9 per share.

Interclick is a technology company providing solutions for data-driven advertising. The Company’s proprietary Open Segment Manager (OSM) platform organizes and valuates billions of data points daily to construct the most responsive digital audiences for major digital marketers. Interclick’s proprietary advertising technology helps improve data targeting in online advertising and is optimized to work with large data volumes across multiple providers and marketplaces.

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