According to Nielsen SoundScan, Rhianna has moved an incredible 47.5 million digital sales since she hit the scene back in 2005.

Black Eyed Peas, who claim the top digital selling song of all time moving 7.68 million downloads of ”I Got A Feeling”, came in second on the list with 42.4 million total downloads.

The complete Top 10 looks like this:

1. Rihanna (47,571,000)

2. Black Eyed Peas (42,405,000)

3. Eminem (42,290,000)

4. Lady Gaga (42,078,000)

5. Taylor Swift (41,821,000)

6. Katy Perry (37,620,00)

7. Lil Wayne (36,788,000)

8. Beyonce (30,439,000)

9. Kanye West (30,242,000)

10. Britney Spears (28,665,000)

The Supreme Audiovisual Council of France has banned Rihanna’s music video for “We Found Love” from daytime television for being too explicit. They believe the clip could inspire “self destructive behavior.”

The video, which shows the pop star smoking, shoplifting and engaging in a violent relationship with a Chris Brown look-a-like, model Dudley O’Shaughnessy can now only be shown after 10 PM.

It’s the second video this year from the singer that has received some type of ban. Riri’s clip for “S&M” was banned in 11 countries after it was deemed to be too raunchy.


Over the weekend, Eminem played in two concerts for the V Festival in England. The Sun reports that Slim Shady cashed in on two million pounds for his appearances both nights, equal to 3.3 million usd. His sets were about 90 minutes each, and Rihanna was also a special guest who came out to their hit single “Love The Way You Lie.”

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