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September 11, 2001 marks one of the saddest days in US History. A series of four terrorists attacks were plotted on the nation, over 3,000 innocent lives were lost. This tragic event changed our world in various ways. Checkout the images below of this tragic event.

How has 9/11 changed your life?





R.I.P. To all the families who lost someone during the 9/11 terrorist attacks. #GWOP Magazine staff takes a moment of silence.

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11, State Farm partnered with award-winning director Spike Lee to film a touching tribute to thank the heroes of New York. Nearly 150 school children (ages 8-11) from the New York City area visited four firehouses and thanked the firefighters through song.

Hurricane Katrina of the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season was the costliest natural disaster, as well as one of the five deadliest hurricanes, in the history of the United States.  Among recorded Atlantic hurricanes, it was the sixth strongest overall. At least 1,836 people died in the actual hurricane and in the floods that followed, making it one of the deadliest U.S. hurricanes of all time.

The most significant number of deaths occurred in New Orleans, Louisiana, which flooded as the levee system  failed, in many cases hours after the storm had moved inland.  Eventually 80% of the city and large tracts of neighboring parishes became flooded, and the floodwaters lingered for weeks. The Bush administration sought out over $105 billion in repairs and reconstruction from the effects of Katrina, making this the most costly Hurricane in US History.

Legendary filmmaker Spike Lee produced a film on the effects from hurricane Katrina entitled, “When the Levees Broke” Watch a few clips below:

Film Director Spike Lee took on New Orleans and won the attention of America with his post hurricane Katrina HBO documentary, “If God Is Willing and da Creek Don’t Rise”. The film director was one of the 38 people honored Monday at the 70th Annual Peabody Awards at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City.

After being awarded a Peabody Award for his documentary on post-Katrina New Orleans, Spike Lee had some words for the former president of the United States George W. Bush, on his handling of the situation:

“Under the direction, of the chief of command, President George Bush, , it took the United States government five days to come to rescue of its American citizens, Five days. And I know he’s written a book and what not, but no one’s ever explained, to this day, why it took five days. In fact, we talk about, in the first one, there was a typhoon in Sri Lanka, and we were there in 2 1/2 days, we were there, and that’s half way around the world, and yet it took five days for the United States to show up in New Orleans, and to this date, it’s never been explained why.” Lee told Huffington Post @ Peabody Award’s Ceremony

“Here’s the thing we have to realize. The levees are all throughout the United States of America, it’s not just New Orleans, it’s not just Louisiana,” Lee said. “And from what I’ve been told from experts, the levee system of the United States of America is in shambles, and unless they get the Army Corps of Engineers together, people are going to be at risk. If you live in any coastal area in the United States America, you’re going to be at risk.”

Spike has a valid point, if you live near water or by the coast you are pretty much F*CKED in the game if the Levee’s break.  Spike pictured w/ CNN’s Larry King below. #GWOPALYPSE NOW

Spike Lee Larry King and Spike Lee (R) attend the 70th Annual Peabody Awards at The Waldorf-Astoria on May 23, 2011 in New York City.

The National Film Registry is the United States National Film Preservation Board’s selection of films for preservation in the Library of Congress.  The National Film Registry names to its list up to 25 “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant films” each year, showcasing the range and diversity of American film heritage to increase awareness for its preservation.


Malcolm X (1992)
Director Spike Lee’s biographical film about the life of civil rights leader Malcom X was produced in the classical Hollywood style. Featuring an Oscar-nominated performance by Denzel Washington, the film exemplifies the willingness of the American film industry in the early ‘90s to support the making of mainstream films about earlier generations of social leaders.

“Denzel was robbed of an Oscar back in 1992.” -K.B. (GWOP Magazine)

Other notable films recognized by Library of Congress National Film Registry:  “Do the Right Thing” (directed by Spike Lee) “Boyz N The Hood” (directed by John Singleton) “Citizen Kane” (directed by Orson Welles) “Goodfellas” (directed by Martin Scorsese)   “Thiller” (Michael Jackson Music Video)

Full strory click here

Spike Lee has be callin’ upon to direct a live webcast of a concert featuring John Legend and the Roots on September 23rd.

The concert, to be held in New York on Sept. 23, is the second part of “Unstaged series,” a live concert series presented by American Express.

The live stream will be available on YouTube, via the music video website Vevo. Lee recently spoke on the project and said:

“It’s not necessarily a Spike Lee joint, It’s a John Legend and the Roots joint.  I like doing stuff live, especially with someone like Kobe. I can’t stop the game. You got to be ready for almost anything. We can’t stop this concert, either. Going to have to go with the flow.”

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