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6 time NBA champion Michael Jordan speaks on “The Greatest Teams of All Time”.


Lebron vs. MJ

Players like Jordan and James are so rare that it can be risky to compare them with anyone. Still, one reasonably useful benchmark is to evaluate players who, like James and Jordan, had won at least one Most Valuable Player award and at least one N.B.A. title as of their age-28 season, meaning that they had achieved the pinnacle of both individual and team success.

By count, there were 13 such players before James. On average, they won about two additional championships (more precisely, an average of 1.9) after their age-28 season. So a reasonable over-under line for James might be two more N.B.A. titles, or four total. Read More

On this date in 1995 Michael Jordan came out of retirement and  set an opponent record scoring 55 pts at Madison Square Garden vs. the New York Knicks.

Inside the NBA: Kobe Bryant or LeBron James?

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Jordan earned an estimated $80 million last year from corporate partners Nike, Gatorade, Hanes, Upper Deck, 2K Sports, Presbyterian Healthcare and Five Star Fragrances. Other Jordan assets include six restaurants, a North Carolina car dealership, a motorsports team and his 80% stake in the Charlotte Bobcats.

The Jordan Brand, a division of Nike, is responsible for the vast majority of MJ’s earnings. Jordan partnered with Nike after being drafted by the Bulls out of North Carolina in 1984. The original five-year deal was worth $500,000 annually, plus royalties. The terms of Jordan’s current deal with Nike are a closely guarded secret, but royalties now generate more than $60 million annually for MJ, according to sources.

Jordan’s net worth is estimated at $650 million

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Legendary filmmaker and professor Spike Lee talks about how he starting shooting film and how he created epic advertising campaigns with Michael Jordan in the 80s.

“Find something you Love!” 

Spike Lee

Crazy comparison video of the 2 greats Michael Jordan & Kobe Bryant.

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