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Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the highest-earning athlete in American sports for the second straight year.
The boxer is projected to make $90 million in 2013 according to Sports Illustrated’s annual list released Wednesday. Miami Heat star LeBron James is a distant second at $56.5 million.
New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees vaults into the rankings at No. 3 at $47.8 million thanks to a new contract signed before last season. Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers is fourth at just under $47 million.
Tiger Woods is fifth with $40.8 million, his lowest spot since SI started the list in 2004. He was No. 1 through 2011.
The top 50 include 25 baseball players, 13 basketball players and eight football players, with no female athletes for the fifth consecutive year.
The estimates combine salary, winnings and endorsements. Checkout top 10 list of earning athletes after the jump. Read More


1. Kobe Bryant (Lakers) $27,849,149
2. Dirk Nowitzki (Mavericks) $20,907,128
3. Carmelo Anthony (Knicks) $20,463,024
4. Amare Stoudemire (Knicks) $19,948,799
5. Joe Johnson (Nets) $19,752,645
6. Dwight Howard (Lakers) $19,536,360
7. Pau Gasol (Lakers) $19,000,000
8. Chris Paul (Clippers) $17,779,458
9 (T). Chris Bosh (Heat) $17,545,000
9 (T). LeBron James (Heat) $17,545,000
(Bonus) 11.Dwyane Wade (Heat) $17,182,000

In unrelated news, Kobe Bryant drops 68 points in 15 minutes of a Chinese charity game.  Watch highlights below:

The event raised over $400,000 in ticket revenue, which will go towards building and improving basketball facilities in Project Hope schools for underprivileged children in China.



Kobe Bryant did an interview a couple days ago and said that he thought this year’s Olympic basketball team could beat the 1992 Dream Team. Charles Barkley responded yesterday by saying that there was no way in hell that the 2012 squad could beat the 1992 team. Then, AccuScore did a bunch of computer simulations to determine that, if the two teams played, the Dream Team would win about 53 percent of the time. And, now, Michael Jordan has officially spoken and, of course, he says that there’s “no comparison” between the Dream Team and this year’s team.

“I absolutely laughed,” he said earlier today when asked about Kobe’s comments prior to a celebrity golf tournament in Charlotte. He added that Kobe’s prediction “is not one of the smarter things he ever could have done.”

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A video from last summer’s Drew League has surfaced with Kobe talking on camera about a “list”. Kobe talks with former NBA baller Marcus Banks. He tells him to “repeat the list” and lists the top 3 players of all time. He names himself in that list, but guess where he puts himself?

In unrelated news, Kobe Bryant is the all time leading scorer in NBA All-Star games surpassing Michael Jordan. Read More

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