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While your average NBA player relies on a league check, super-ballers like LeBron James and about 10 other players will be earning at least that much in off-court endorsements, whether they play or not.
According to Forbes, James is at the top of that list — he’ll receive around $33 million in endorsements for the season — roughly twice his NBA salary.
Lakers guard Kobe Bryant will also bring in the massive endorsement bucks GWOP earning about $28 million in off-court endorsements.
James’ teammate D-Wade will also receive about $12 million in endorsements.
Endorsements come from phone companies, energy drinks, sneakers and more.

Nike Sold 500,000 LeBron Shoes Last Year
spotted: NBC
“Nike says it sold more than 500,000 pairs of LeBron shoes this year.”

All those shoes Nike sold underscore the strength of James’ brand. Despite turning much of America against him after his controversial Decision to team up with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami, James remains a endorsement giant.

In April, the NBA announced James’ Heat jersey was the top seller at for the 2010-2011 season. A month later, James rose to the 10th spot in Forbes’ “Celebrity 100” ranking, the highest position on the list of any basketball player and second only to Tiger Woods among athletes.

James’ marketing might figures to only get stronger as Nike expands its position in China, the world’s fastest-growing consumer base.

He still hasn’t won an NBA title, and may never pass Michael Jordan as one of the NBA’s greatest players, but LeBron James can at least make a compelling argument that in terms of merchandising, he’s already become the next Jordan.


Lebron James Mural Removed In Cleveland

Cleveland fans are really letting LeBron know that his decision to move to Miami has cost him his “Kingship.”

Less than a week after “King” James made his announcement to move down south, fans in his former city have shown how they really feel about the so-called betrayal by removing the mural of James that is featured in the now infamous Nike ads.

In the hours after James’ announcement, some angry fans hurled rocks at the 10-story sign that featured James with his arms outstretched after tossing powder into the air.

Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh and LeBron James

All the sports writers, critics, bloggers and fans have reacted to the Miami Heat getting Chris Bosh and Lebron James to join Dwayne Wade in Miami.

Everyone should realize that  you will still have to go through LA in order to win a NBA Championship.
Kobe Bryant, the MVP of the reigning two consecutive title winning Los Angeles Lakers, speaks on Miami signing Lebron James below:

See ya, Cleveland.

Sorry, Chicago, New York and New Jersey. Maybe next time around, Clippers.

LeBron James chose superstar help over the comforts of home and is heading for Miami because he wants to win a championship with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

NBA, get ready: A superstar trio has just been born

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Where will Lebron play during the 2010-2011 NBA season?

After a dissappointing lost in Game 6 to the Boston Celtics, rumors flood the internet  about where Lebron James will play next season, Chicago? LA Clippers? New York Knicks? or will Lebron play for Hip Hop businessman Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter and the Brooklyn Nets?

Lebron is a great player but he is going to need a better supporting class in order to get the must needed ring to label him as one of the greatest to play the game. More on Lebron’s Free agency after the jump.

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