22 Regrets People have at end of life

  1. Not traveling more
  2. Not expressing their feelings to loved ones
  3. Not pursuing their passions
  4. Not taking risks
  5. Not spending enough time with family and friends
  6. Not forgiving others
  7. Not being true to themselves
  8. Not living in the present
  9. Not taking better care of their health
  10. Not making a positive impact on the world
  11. Not pursuing their dreams
  12. Not learning something new every day
  13. Not letting go of grudges
  14. Not taking the time to appreciate beauty
  15. Not spending enough time outdoors
  16. Not being kinder to themselves
  17. Not seeking help when needed
  18. Not working less and enjoying life more
  19. Not being grateful for what they had
  20. Not being more confident
  21. Not making amends with estranged loved ones
  22. Not living a life true to their values.

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