Ghozali Everyday: Indonesian man with US$1 million selfies an unlikely NFT star

Close to $1 million (usd) in transactions have been made for an Indonesian man’s selfies. That wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for the unpredictable nature of NFTs.

Ghozali, a 22-year-old man from Semarang, Central Java who goes by @Ghozali_Ghozalu on the NFT trading platform OpenSea, snapped selfies of himself “standing in front of the computer day by day” for five years from 2017.

In recent days, a mind-boggling amount of those selfies were sold as NFTs under the “Ghozali Everyday” collection on OpenSea. To acquire a Ghozali selfie as an exclusive digital asset, you would have to spend at least 0.345 of the cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH), which is equivalent to US$1,155.

As of this article’s publication, hundreds of Ghozali’s selfies have been bought and are in trade circulation, with the total trade volume reaching the equivalent of 293 Ethereum coins, or US$986,485.

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