Lebron James Opens iPromise Elementary School For At Risk Youths in Akron OH

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Lebron James is the most recent athlete to open a school for at risk youths in his hometown.  iPromise School is a Elementary school located in Akron Ohio.  240 students are currently enrolled, all 3rd and 4th graders.  Lebron James will provide free tuition, uniforms, bicycles, transportation, lunch and more to every student.  Lebron is not the first professional athlete to open a school for at risk youths in his hometown.


Most recently in 2011, former NBA star and Espn analyst Jalen Rose opened the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy in his hometown of Detroit, MI.  Jalen Rose Leadership Academy currently has over 400 students enrolled in grades 9-12.

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Former #Tennis pro 🎾 #AndreAgassi opened a College Preparatory School for at risk youth in his hometown of #LasVegas NV in 2001. #AndreAgassiPreparatoryCollege currently has over 600 students enrolled in grades 6-12 and provides free tuition.

source: GWOP

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