“Beautiful Hustle Confessions of a D girl” Book Trailer

Known for being cold in every sense of the word, Detroit, Michigan is the place that birthed me. And who am I? I am a certified hustler and socialite, Fauna Burks also known as “Ms. Detroit.” As many of the cities most notorious hustlers before me, I quickly learned how to creatively manipulate the world I lived in to reach the success that I always dreamed of. Coming from humble beginnings, the streets soon directed me down a very different path. The fast life. I went from a wholesome household to a lifestyle dominated by pursuing the trinity of hood dreams: cars, clothes and jewelry.

A far cry from a typical teenager, I was driving at 13, hustling at 15, traveling around the world with the hottest stars at 18 and making my first million at 19.

But as the saying goes, all that glitters isn’t gold. After many near death experiences and serving an 18-month prison sentence, I am clearing out the clouds of my past and sharing all my hardships with the world in hopes of others learning from my experiences… And after all of the rumors, innuendos and false allegations, it’s time to set the record straight. This isn’t a love story or a sad love song, this is my life, my testimony and my confession. No regrets.

source: Fauna Burks

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