Underwater Hotel

This futuristic hotel has 22 underwater rooms. A Polish company has agreed to build it near the island of Kuredhivaru, located in the Maldives–a group of islands in the Indian Ocean that is threatened by impending sea level rise. It could be ready for its first visitors within a couple of years.

The Water Discus hotel has sections both above and below the water. Two circular structures hold lounges, a restaurant, spa, and another 22 rooms above sea level. The central column has an elevator and staircase. And 30 meters below, there’s a diving center with its own decompression chamber and a bar. The whole underwater section can re-float for emergency and maintenance purposes. It’s held down by water in pools, which is let out, allowing the central column to push skywards.

The idea for the hotel was conceived by engineers at the Gdańsk University of Technology and developed by Deep Ocean Technology, with a research grant from the European Union. The $55 million building is partially financed by Big Invest Consult, a Swiss company. Other projects using the same design, including one in Dubai, are in the planning stages.


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