Laser Tag for iPhones and Androids


Hex3 is a company founded by Jon Atherton, who has raised $100,000 for his two kick starter campaigns; AppTag Laser Blaster & JaJa Pressure Sensitive Stylus for the iPad. (pictured below)

AppTag Laser Blaster brings first person shooter console gameplay to smartphones in the real world.

As with any blaster toy, the object is to shoot your friends, but AppTag adds a whole new dimension! The free AppTag Apps keep score via WiFi and players can pick up Augmented Reality Weapons, ammo packs, health Kits, and body armour in a similar way to a console game like Halo™, but this is real life, inside or outdoors!

You can play single, multi or team games and AppTag can be used with other guns that have an accessory rail, such as Nerf™, BuzzBee™, etc.

For targeting, AppTag uses a focused infrared beam and sensor for the ‘laser’ so it’s totally safe. Each unit has an IR sender and receiver, and the AppTag unit works together with any attached smart device with a camera.


retail price: $59.99



Side pack apptag

Jaja packageJaja pack3


















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