1. Anonymous said:

    Dope video

  2. 7 mile Dawg said:

    Detroit Stand up!

  3. Ahmet said:

    Am I the only one not bothered by all this? I’m wnnoeridg who was with Manning on this. Come on, a Private First Class, with all this unmonitored access, and with all the time this would take to download and distribute, and that’s even assuming he didn’t take the time to read or listen to what he was downloading. Why so much emphasis on Hillary Clinton in these releases? Is it ever so slightly possible this could be more about damaging her than Obama, or even the US in general, in the minds of whoever else besides Manning might have facilitated all of this?I guess this probably demolishes a prediction I made once to the effect that Obama’s deal with Hillary at the beginning of his term involved him dumping Biden and taking her as his running mate in 2012.I guess it pretty much also kills any chance of her running against him in the primaries. Actually I never thought there was ever a snow ball’s chance in hell of that happening, but who knows what others might think?By the way, I don’t think the average State Department bureaucrat is above this kind of stuff, I look at it more like a fifty-fifty proposition.

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