YouTube Reaches 4 Billion Daily Views


YouTube now sees 4 billion views per day. That’s a 25 percent increase over the past eight months, the company told Reuters.
The last time YouTube released this data was in May 2011, when the company was celebrating its sixth birthday. At the time, YouTube was seeing 3 billion views per day, an increase of 50% over the past 12 months. That’s the equivalent of every U.S. resident watching at least nine videos per day.
Previously, YouTube hit the 2 billion views per day mark in May 2010, which the company noted was “nearly double the prime-time audience of all three major U.S. television networks combined.” So, it goes to reason that YouTube now has four times the viewership of the prime-time network audience. Wow.
– Every second, one hour of video is uploaded to YouTube.
– 9 month’s worth every two hours.
– A decade of video every day.
– A century’s worth of video every 10 days.



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