Its 2012: Can We Get a Flying Car yet?


Happy New Year from GWOP Magazine.  It’s 2012 and by this time everyone would think that flying cars would be available to consumers by now.  Concept flying vehicles have been developed over the past few years but are not yet available for purchase at your local chevy dealership. Checkout a few videos of the flying car concept below.

How much GWOP would you spend for your own personal air transportation?

“Flying Car” has  been unveiled to the world. Check out the revolutionary safety, functionality and fun that the Transition(R) can bring to your personal aviation adventure! Checkout full video & pics below:

For more info on Flying Car concepts log on to:

***Bonus Video***

Checkout Amazing video of the human Jetman Yves Rossy, flying in formation at full throttle together with 2 jets from the Breitling Jet Team… at their minimum speed.


Real Fly Shit!

  1. Flying cars would require traffic controllers; I imagine that car accidents in the sky would be a lot more dangerous than ones on the road.

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