R.I.P. Brent Darby (1981-2011)


Brent Darby, who led River Rouge high school (Michigan) to Class B basketball titles in 1998 and ’99, died today in a Detroit hospital. He was 30 years young.

Darby had experienced problems from blood clots for more than a year, and they were the cause of his death.

Darby graduated from River Rouge in 1999 and played four seasons at Ohio State before graduating in 2003. He played professionally in Spain and Italy before returning to Michigan. His last season in Italy was 2009.

R.I.P. Brent Darby.  This is horrible news. Our prayers go out to the Darby family. #TheGoodDieYoung

Darby isn’t the 1st Michigan standout basketball player to pass this year.  The city of Detroit lost former NBA player Robert “Tractor” Traylor earlier this year to a heart attack in Puerto Rico.  Traylor was a former McDonald’s All American and University of Michigan star who passed on May 11,2011 while talking to his wife on the phone.

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