GWOP Technology: Things That Won’t Exist in the next 10 years

Remember the Zack Morris cell phone?

Well some of the gadgets and things you are using today will be a thing of the past,  just like the brick cell phone the cool kid from popular show, Saved By the Bell used to call Kelly KaPOWski. Checkout what our staff at GWOP Magazine came up with after the jump.

GPS Systems – GPS units are very quickly becoming obsolete. When you take the relatively high price (a good GPS unit will set you back $100+) and the monthly subscription service, there really doesn’t seem to be much sense in investing in one, when smartphones already come equipped with the same technology.
Android phones have several free options, including services like Google Maps preinstalled on most phones. The iPhone has a pay service GPS app, but are supposedly developing a proprietary GPS navigation app that will also be free. Blackberry and Windows both offer turn by turn directions as well.


Basic Cell-Phones (Flips) – Tim Bajarin, a technology columnist and principle analyst with Creative Strategies, predicts that 80% of all phones sold in 2015 will be smartphones and every phone sold in 2018 will be a smartphone. This rapid decline will come about thanks to a drop in prices for consumers and an increase in revenue opportunities for carriers.

CD/ DVD’s – Major music labels will abandon the CD format by the end of 2012.  As many consumers move towards digital files or MP3’s for music, CD’s are losing popularity and costing the music labels money for distribution fees.  Digital distribution is the wave of the present and future.

DVD Players- Blue Ray is slowly eliminating DVD players similar to how the DVD players eliminated the VHS years ago.

E-Readers – iPads and Tablets allow you to download e-Books, which will phase out the e-readers similar to how the smartphones slowly phased out MP3 players and how iPods replaced CD players.

Low-End Digital Cameras- It wasn’t that long ago that the phone on your camera was good for the self portrait on MySpace or Facebook. These days, phones are getting more and more sophisticated. Most models these days are equipped with 8 megapixel shooters, flash, optical zoom and multiple camera options for different types of lighting and scenarios.
There are even cameras on phones that have 3D capabilities, rapid-fire mode (to shoot multiple photos in a quick burst) and panoramic options. We’re getting to a point where there is very little that a point and shoot digital camera can to that a high end smartphone isn’t also capable of accomplishing.  Along with free apps such as #instagram who needs a point and shoot camera today?



Print Media will be extinct in 15-30 years (i.e. Newspapers, Magazines, Books) – in 2011 you can log on to from your iPad, iPhone, Android or laptop and get all the news you need for FREE!!! 

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