Twitter Beef: @RoseMo700 vs. @Boskoe1

@RoseMo700 who allegedly knocked out rapper @TheGame in the mall a few months back, beats up on local L.A.rapper @Boscoe1, following a Twitter dispute while CTE member @2Eleven filmed it. On Wednesday November 2, RoseMo, who police have identified as 26-year old Jomo Adoula Zambia. was shot in broad daylight as he drove his red BMW in Inglewood, Ca.
L.A. Weekly reports that after being shot RoseMo’s vehicle sped through a red light and hit an unmarked police car. He died shortly after being rushed to the hospital.

Check out more videos after the jump.  #StopTheViolence

According to the L.A. Times, @RoseMo700 was shot in the arm and torso. Police are trying to figure out exactly when and where he was shot.
The police officer whose cruiser was blindsided had to be removed from his mangled vehicle using the “jaws of life” by L.A. County firefighters. He is listed in critical condition



@RoseMo700 vs. @TheGame

RoseMo 700 was killed in Los Angeles.  R.I.P. @RoseMo700

[updated]: Boskoe Arrested for Murder Suspcion

#STOPtheViolence Throwback Video “We All in the Same Gang”

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