Amy Winehouse gets $6 million to perform 5 shows in Brazil

UK singer Amy
recenlty performed the 1st of 5 scheduled
shows in the Brazil, where she is
being paid more than $6 million
according to the
UK Sun. “Amy
will be rolling in it. Brazil is keen to establish itself as a
major player in live music and is attracting a host of top
,” a source tells the publication.
A lot of money is being thrown around to
secure their services and it’s working.

Winehouse hasn’t released an album since 2006’s ‘Back
to Black
.’ A disc that won her 5
Grammys and has sold 10
million copies
worldwide. It’s a testament to her
tremendous talent that she’s still getting
#GWOP $$$ to perform live. The singer
was reportedly paid $1.2 million to
play a show in Russia just before
Christmas, and has big money gigs
lined up in Dubai as part of
Gulf Bike Week.

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