NO JUSTICE: Johannes Mehserle sentenced to 2 years for Oscar Grant Murder

Wake Up people, in 2010, the nationwide epidemic of police brutality still exist. Remember Rodney King and Malice Green? Do your research.

Oscar Grant was a young Black man returning home by way of the Fruitvale BART station after celebrating the New Year. This was the only excuse the police needed to end Grant’s life execution-style.

via (Oakand, CA)

Former cop Johannes Mehserle was sentenced Friday to ONLY two years in jail for the death of Oscar Grant – much less than he would have incurred had the judge applied California’s “gun enhancement” law that normally mandates heavy sentences when firearms are used in a crime.

The jury found, however, that there was sufficient evidence to suggest that Mr. Mehserle, a former BART police officer, believed the weapon he was using to subdue Grant was a taser, not a gun.

Mehserle had been called to the Fruitvale station of the BART system in the early hours of New Years Day last year with four other officers to look into reports of a fight on a train. Mehserle tried to arrest Grant but reported that Grant was not cooperating. Grant was on his stomach when Mehserle shot him in the back. The shooting was caught on video by another BART passenger and quickly went viral on Youtube.

Checkout the video below:  Do you think a 2 year jail sentence is sufficient for shooting an unarmed man in the back?

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    Sad Story

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