Manny Pacquiao Agrees To Blood Testing, Taunts Floyd Mayweather Jr

story via ABS CBN News

Manny Paquiao is telling Floyd Mayweather Jr to put up or shut up.

The seven time world champinon has agreed to Olympic Style drug tresting clearing the way for the mega fight everyone wants to see reports ABS-CBN and UK Telegraph.

So he (Mayweather) will no longer have a reason (not to fight),” Pacquiao said. “Let’s see if that is really the reason.”

Negotiations for their fight fell apart because Manny refused to agree to blood testing the first time around. But Pac-Man said that’s because it’s the boxing commission’s job to dictate the rules not the fighters.

I’m a boxer, so why should I interfere with the work of the commission? That’s the reason commissions are there, so they can set the rules.”

Manny insists blood testing be cut off 14 days to the fight. That shouldn’t be a problem at all because testing was stopped 18 days prior to Mayweather’s last fight against Shane Mosely says Paquiao’s promotor Bob Arum.

The USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) stopped the blood test… they took 5 or 6 tests but the last one was 18 days for Mosley and 19 days for Mayweather,” Arum told ABS-CBN News.

Arum added that this fight which would likely generate one of the biggest purses and television audiences in boxing history, could take place on November 13 in Texas or Las Vegas.

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  1. Priitie said:

    Manny vs JMM is the fight to determine the best p4p in the world. PBF dsevrees no respect after what happened and especially with how he cherry picks and ducks. A known drug using wife beater.

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