GWOP Beauty of the Day: Watermelon Woman

Today’s GWOP Booty Beauty of the Day is Andressa Soares

Andressa Soares is one of the most popular women in Brazil right now.  She got the internet goin’ nuts with her “Watermelon Booty”.

Her ass has gave her so much attention that she is known as the Watermelon Woman. Meaning her ass is as big as a watermelon! Some women might not like this nickname very much but she loves it and wears it proudly. She goes mainly by “Mulher Melancia”, meaning Watermelon Woman, or Garota Melancia which means Watermelon Girl..

WOWZERS!  Checkout This Video of “Watermelon Woman”:,,13812058,00.jpg

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  1. Anonymous said:

    the most beautiful woman i have ever seen ……..

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