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1: Gisele Bündchen  $42 million

2: Miranda Kerr  $7.2 million

3: Adriana Lima  $6 million

4: Kate Moss  $5.7 million

5: Liu Wen  $4.3 million

6: Hilary Rhoda  $4 million

7: Carolyn Murphy  $3.6 million

8: Joan Smalls  $3.5 million

9: Candice Swanepoel  $3.3 million

10: Lara Stone  $3.2 million

source: Steve Forbes

The Facebook (FB) chief operating officer and author of “Lean In” sold nearly 2.4 million shares of the social network’s stock last week at an average price of $38 per share, according to a regulatory filing.

 It amounts to about $91 million.
Checkout Sheryl Sandberg’s TED Talk on “Women Leaders” below:

The daughter of bi sexual  republican congressman Michael Huffington and  media mogul Arianna Huffington (founder of Huffington Post) was just 16 when she tried her first line of cocaine. Soon after, she became addicted. Now 24 and sober, she tells Glamour her story—and shares the truths about drug addiction every woman should hear.

“Cocaine almost killed me” -Christina Huffington, Arianna’s daughter, speaks out about her addiction—Read full story at:  GLAMOUR

Detroit is a place that attracts a certain type of individual. Someone that’s both tough and independent.

That’s especially true for the women who have chosen to stake their claim in one of the nation’s most complicated cities. Fearless, talented, and ambitious, these women are shaping Detroit’s future.

Toby Barlow


Amanda LeClaire & Andrew Miller


1. Britney Spears ($58 million)

via Forbes

To form list, Forbes looked at income from record sales, touring, endorsements, merchandise sales and other ventures. The figures represent earnings from May 2011 to May 2012, before subtracting management fees, legal costs and taxes.

  1. Britney Spears $58 Million
  2. Taylor Swift $57 million
  3. Rhianna $53 million
  4. Lady Gaga $52 million
  5. Katy Perry $45 million
  6. Beyonce $40 million
  7. Adele $35 million
  8. Sade $33 million
  9. Madonna $30 million
  10. Shakira $20 million
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