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Genius, formerly known as RapGenius, is a site that explains the complex meanings behind the lyrics in rap songs. The site then went on to add RockGenius to its family of sites. Now after a site relaunch, Dan Gilbert has written a blog where he explains why he chose to invest $40 million with the company. Check out an excerpt below:

Since its debut in 2009, Rap Genius has caught on in a big way among artists and the public, allowing everyone to dive into the lyrics of hip-hop music to find a deeper and better understanding of the creators’ original intent. In addition, the burgeoning company has entered into licensing partnerships with all of the major music publishers, as well as dozens of smaller ones.

Friday, Rap Genius took their concept to a completely new level by re-launching the platform as ‘Genius’ ( With a new name and a broader scope, Genius takes a huge step toward fulfilling its mission to crowdsource the annotation of ALL TEXT on the internet (that’s right—the entire web).

To read the rest of Dan Gilbert’s blog post, head over to ChooseThinking’s website.



A web entrepreneur who had it all by the time he was 21 managed to blow his staggering $2.5million fortune in just 12 months.

Andrew Fashion dropped out of high school to live the high life – his monthly $100,000 pay packet seeing him buy a plush Los Angeles house and several top-of-the-line sports cars.

He played high-stakes poker in Las Vegas, flew to London, Florida and Hawaii, and bought all the latest tech gadgets.

But within just one year his websites, which gave users the tools to ‘design’ their MySpace pages, fell out of favour and the cash GWOP dried up.

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