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Justin Timberlake went all in with the launch of the new Myspace by releasing a new single titled Suit & Tie with hip hop icon Jay-Z.

Checkout the new redesigned Myspace here


On Wednesday, Facebook revealed the most talked-about events on the social network for 11 countries, including the U.S., U.K., Australia and France.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the single most talked about event in the U.S. was the presidential election, followed by the Super Bowl and the death of Whitney Houston, the last of which was a top trending topic in several other countries as well. Hurricane Sandy ranked fourth on the list in the U.S.

source: Facebook


Facebook stock, which traded at $38 during its May IPO, has plummeted to an all-time low of $18.28.
For Facebook employees who have shares locked up, November can’t get here fast enough. That’s when they’ll be able to sell off their Facebook stock, although who knows what their shares will be worth by then. BMO Capital Markets analyst Daniel Salmon is predicting that shares will have dropped to a flimsy $15 by November.

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