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Get behind the wheel of the latest and greatest super cars at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Located 20 min from the Las Vegas Strip, Exotics Racing brings you the original supercar driving experience. With the world’s largest and most impressive fleet you’ll get real time coaching from pro racing instructors as you push the limits lap after lap. Driving packages start from $199 for 5 laps. High speed ride-along, gift certificates, group & corporate events also available. It’s time to stop dreaming and start driving! Only in Las Vegas & Los Angeles.

Checkout website for more info. Videos after the jump.
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Ludacris found a unique way to spend some of his hard earned money GWOP when he rented out the Atlanta Motor Speedway so he could take his Ferrari 458 Italia for a spin with no speed limits.

If you don’t drive that on a track, that’s like buying an X-Box and only watching movies on it and not playing any damn games,Luda said. “That is a racing car. That’s why we’re out here today.”  Checkout video below:

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