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Lebron James has collaborated with ESPN and Marvel Comic Books, to kick off his new comic edition “King Of The Rings”. King Of The Rings features the NBA championship winner fighting his way through zombies, clones and monsters all to reach his goal of winning more NBA championship rings.



After breaking box office records opening weekend, Marvel’s The Avengers hit the billion dollar mark Mother’s Day weekend.
According to estimate reports from Disney, The Avengers earned 103.2 million dollars in sales this past weekend, plus an additional 95.4 million from international sales. Sharing the spot with Avatar and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows as the only movies to reach that amount quickly, The Avengers currently stands at number 18 on the all time domestic box office chart and is expected to jump into the top ten after next weekend.
Breaking a few records of their own, it’s the only film to gross $300 million in a matter of nine days and the 103.2 million earned this weekend surpassed Avatar’s 75.6 million second-weekend sales back in 2009.
Last week, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced The Avengers will have a second installment, following the success of the film’s opening weekend.

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