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Rest in Respect to Nipsey Hussle the Great. The greatest human act is to inspire and Nipsey has inspired countless people including GWOP Magazine. Above is a list of books he read in his 33 years of life.

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In her precious 22 years, Aaliyah achieved more than many do in several lifetimes…

“You have to enjoy your job; you should wake up every day and love what you do… I honestly do…From the bottom of my heart to the depths of my soul. I’m truly happy.”

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Filmmaker Spike Lee is currently in the final stages of post-production of a Michael Jackson** documentary that focuses on the King of Pop’s album Bad and ensuing world tour.

The film, which syncs up nicely with the album’s 25th anniversary, features 40 interviews done by Lee with Jackson’s confidants, choreographers, musicians and other collaborators. Lee also interviewed contemporary stars from Kanye West to Sheryl Crow (a backup singer on the Bad tour) about the album’s lasting influence.


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