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Artist: Beezy 

Album: Passive Income 200

Produced by Nasty New + Beezy

Now available on all streaming platforms. 

GWOP University Recordings

New Music by BEEZY “OFF tha Porch” Available on all streaming platforms.

Artist: BEEZY

Song: Off Tha Porch

Album: Passive Income 101

Passive Income EP available Now on All streaming services

Passive Income 101 EP coming 2.7.21 to all streaming services.

The Future is now. We may not be traveling in flying cars yet but the world is changing every year. The iPhone which was discovered in 2007, functions as a TV, Photo Camera, Video camera, notebook, gps system, alarm clock, radio, phone and more. We can catch a ride with a stranger to any destination in any city with the help of Uber (founded 2009) or Lyft (launched 2012). Instagram (founded in 2010) serves as a digital photo album for its 500 million daily active users. CD’s and DVD’s no longer are in rotation due to Netflix streaming, Spotify (founded 2006), Pandora and Tidal. You can rent a room or home to stay in from a stranger around the world with AirBnB (founded 2008). Youtube (founded 2006) gives anybody the opportunity to create their own TV Station/Network. The world has changed in less than 20 years. Just imagine what the future may bring.

What will be the new creations or ideas of the future?


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