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FREE Download: New Song, “Atlanta Zoo” Gucci Mane feat. Ludacris

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Gucci Mane ft. Ludacris “Atlanta Zoo”

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O Let's Do it!

Dayyuuuum! Looks like U got Knocked da F*ck Out! (SMOKEY voice)

Word on the Streetz iz that Waka Flocka Flame got into a scuffle with Young Jeezy’s crew C.T.E Corporate Thugz Entertainment at popular Atlanta clothing store Walter’s…..”catch me at Walter’s spendin’ Grands Man” (Young Jeezy voice). Walter’s employee said he seen Flocka Flame punched and word is that gun fire rang out. Is Waka Flocka the young berg of gangsta/crunk rap? Waka Flocka Flame was recently shot in the arm in Atlanta for his 1017 Brick Squad chain. More on this story after the jump.

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