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Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade‘s divorce could end up costing him $10 million in legal bills!

Repeat: 10 MILLION BUCKS for a divorce!
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Kim Kardashian scores $17. 9 Million during marriage to NBA locked out player Kris Humphries.

The New York post pinned Kim’s earnings from the wedding at $17.9 million, a figure derived from adding up her various sponsorship deals and freebies. That’s overly simplistic, given the amount she’d have had to shell out to various agents for their cuts. But this is a woman who made $12 million the year before her wedding extravaganza and charged $2,500 entry to her birthday party. Using the $17.9 million figure as a crude estimate, Kim raked in just under $250,000 a day, and over $10,000 an hour, for her 72-day marriage.

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