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Unlimited Imagination Books

This book is a short story about investing and self awareness for kids.  It is recommended that kids read this book and know this information by 10 years old.  This book also contains a word search with investing terminology for kids.

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FAME: Drake will be in stores January 2012. The comic book’s written by Marc Shapiro, featuring the art of Mike J.C. and a cover by Joe Phillips. Reported by MTV Geek, Shapiro said that in the course of doing the research for “FAME: Drake” he found the Canadian pop singer to be “refreshingly real and down to earth”

“What makes Drake such a distinctive creative personality is that he’s not just one thing. His music encompasses hip-hop, rap, old style rhythm and blues, soul and pop. When was the last time you heard of a celebrity blowing off a lucrative tour to be at his mother’s side during her stay in the hospital? Drake did just that. You could die of old age waiting to find somebody who has as much soul, creatively and as a human being, as Drake.”

A comic book biography of hip hop star Aubrey Graham a.k.a “Drake” will be available in stores starting January 2012. FAME: Drake will trace the life of Drake from his start in TV’s Degrassi: The Next Generation to his fateful decision to go by his middle name, Drake, and subsequently receive mega stardom as a musician.

Drake Comic Book Biography

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