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-AP/SAN FRANCISCO — YouTube CEO Chad Hurley is surrendering the reins of the popular video website that he started with two buddies which has blossomed into a media magnet with over 1 billion subscribers to date.  YouTube has created internet sensations such as Justin Beiber and Soulja Boy Tell em who have over 1 billion views combined on their videos.

The change in command announced Friday formalizes a transition that has been unfolding over the past two years as YouTube’s owner, Internet search leader Google Inc., asserted more control over the website.

Chad Hurley is one of the co-founders of YouTube. In October 2006 he, along with the other founders, sold the company for $1.65 billion to Google.

Prior to YouTube he worked in eBay’s PayPal division, where he helped design the original PayPal logo.

Hurley intends to start a men’s clothing line, Hlaska. The brand’s name is a mash-up of Hawaii and Alaska, signifying its goal of becoming “the 51st state.”

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THROWBACK VIDEO: Message from founders of YOUTUBE:

Today is the day we lost 1 of hip hop’s most influential people!  R.I.P. Jam Master Jay!

Jason William Mizell (January 21, 1965 – October 30, 2002), also known as Jam-Master Jay, was the DJ of the influential hip hop group Run-D.M.C. He helped define the sound of the band and the style of the black hats and Adidas shoes that came to be the band’s trademark. During the 1980s, Run-D.M.C. became the biggest hip-hop group and are credited with breaking hip-hop into mainstream music.  Jam Master Jay has also been credited for breaking mainstream artist such as mogul Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.


Rap Artist/ Business Man/ Entrepreneur/ Mogul Jay-Z has unveiled the song listing for his new book, Decoded.

According to a release, Decoded is “a collection of lyrics and their meaning that together tell the story of a culture, an art form, a moment in history, and one of the most provocative and successful artists of our time.”

The book was co-authored by acclaimed journalist/author/film maker dream hampton.

The song list is below.


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