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#5. Phil Mickelson

$46.5 million
Age: 40

Mickelson was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis last year, but he maintains that it will have no long-term effect on his golf career. Lefty inked a deal at the end of the year as a spokesman for Amgen and Pfizer, makers of Enbrel, the drug Mickelson uses to treat his condition.

#4.  Roger Federer

$47 million
Age: 29

Federer commands the most impressive endorsement portfolio in sports, with 10 major deals including Nike, Credit Suisse, Rolex and Wilson.

#3.  LeBron James

$48 million
Age: 26

His jersey was the NBA’s bestseller this season, and he has the No. 1 basketball shoe on the market. James received a small stake in Fenway Sports Group-owned soccer club Liverpool in April when he partnered with FSG to manage his business interests.

#2. Kobe Bryant

$53 million
Age: 32

Bryant recently signed on as pitchman for Mercedes-Benz’s Smart Car brand in China. His $24.8 million salary during the 2010-11 season was $4 million more than any other player.

#1.  Tiger Woods

$75 million
Age: 35

Woods has failed to win tournaments or sign new sponsorship deals since his November 2009 car crash and the infidelity scandal that followed. Yet he retains two valuable partners, Nike and Electronic Arts, both of which built businesses with Woods as a centerpiece.

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