#10 Memphis, TN

Rankings in Crime

Assault: 4

Murder: 25

Rape: 75

Motor Vehicle Theft: 58

Robbery: 6

Burglary: 3

Basically if you are going to Memphis anytime soon, it’s important to keep an eye on your wallet and your purse.

#9 Jackson, Mississippi

Rankings in Crime

Assault: 192

Murder: 6

Rape: 23

Motor Vehicle Theft: 27

Robbery: 24

Burglary: 2
Jackson Mississippi ranks in the top 100 in almost all crime related activities except assault.

#8 Cleveland, Ohio

Rankings in Crime

Assault: 118

Murder: 19

Rape: 3

Motor Vehicle Theft: 10

Robbery: 2

Burglary: 8

It’s no wonder why King James left the city for Miami beach.  Ranking 2nd in robbery and 3rd in rape, Cleveland does not sound like place you want to be lost at late at night.  Ranking in the top 20 of every category except assault, Cleveland is a pretty dangerous place.

#7 Birmingham, Alabama

Rankings in Crime

Assault: 44

Murder: 7

Rape: 7

Motor Vehicle Theft: 40

Robbery: 11

Burglary: 5

Antoine Dodson said it best when he said “Hide your Wife, hide your kids, hide your husband, cuz they raping everybody out here.”  Ranking 7 in rape and 5 in burglary, I’m sure Dodson was not the only Alabama resident to have someone break into their house.

#6 New Orleans, Louisiana

Rankings in Crime

Assault: 72

Murder: 2

Rape: 262

Motor Vehicle Theft: 14

Robbery: 70

Burglary: 40

On the list as number 1 for 2 years straight, New Orleans winning a super bowl might have taken the anger out of some and has dropped them down to number 6 on the list.  However, the former murder capital is still number 2 leaving room for one bad event to boost them back to number 1.

#5 Flint, MI

Rankings in Crime

Assault: 1

Murder: 13

Rape: 9

Motor Vehicle Theft: 60

Robbery: 16

Burglary: 1

If you plan on going to Flint anytime soon, you should probably bring some brass knuckles with you.  Ranking number 1 in burglary and assault, it’s obvious that they don’t play in Flint and are quick to throw down.

#4 Detroit, MI

Rankings in Crime

Assault: 3

Murder: 8

Rape: 169

Motor Vehicle Theft: 3

Robbery: 8

Burglary: 16

Almost on this list every year, Detroit has been one of the most dangerous places to live for awhile now.  You can’t even wear a pair of $1000 Cartier sunglasses in Detroit without getting shot these days.  SMH.  T Baby said it best, “Its Sooo Cold in the D, how f*ck we suppose to keep peace”

#3 Oakland, California

Rankings in Crime

Assault: 7

Murder: 12

Rape: 14

Motor Vehicle Theft: 1

Robbery: 3

Burglary: 116

Although Detroit may be bad in car jacking, when it comes to Oakland it may be just a better idea to ride a bicycle.  Ranking number 1 in car jacking and number 3 in robberies, Oakland is certainly not one place you should park your Benz at while you walk away for a few hours.

#2 St. Louis, Missouri

Rankings in Crime

Assault: 2

Murder: 4

Rape: 45

Motor Vehicle Theft: 4

Robbery: 4

Burglary: 13

Although St. Louis may not be one of the first cities you think of when you think of crime, it should be.  Ranking in the top 5 in 4 different categories, there isn’t a problem that St. Louis doesn’t have.  With failed reconstruction projects only making the city look worse, St. Louis is only a matter of time from becoming number 1 on the list.

#1 Camden, New Jersey

Rankings in Crime

Assault: 6

Murder: 1

Rape: 8

Motor Vehicle Theft: 8

Robbery: 1

Burglary: 41

Becoming the new murder capital of the world, Camden, New Jersey is definitely one of if not the most dangerous place to live.  Ranked number 1 in robbery and murder, it would never seem like a good idea to scroll through at night.  In fact, when Dvd series Hoodz tried to, they got a good 30 seconds of film before hearing nearby gun shots and getting in the car to jet.  With only Burglary not in the top 10 (cuz they rather kill you) it is easy to see why Camden is considered the most dangerous city in the United States.

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