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Legendary filmmaker and professor Spike Lee talks about how he starting shooting film and how he created epic advertising campaigns with Michael Jordan in the 80s.

“Find something you Love!” 

Spike Lee


Rappers Young Buck, Big Meech, and BG sent Minister Farrakhan a question for him to answer during the first ever #AskFarrakhan Townhall meeting on September 26, 2012. View the entire Townhall at

Disney World has spent $2.5 million to influence Florida elections so far this cycle; 90% to Republicans | The Billy Pulpit |

via Billy Pulpit

Walt Disney World has spent nearly $2.5 million on political candidates and causes in Florida so far this election cycle, according to an Orlando Sentinel review of state records, as the giant resort attempts to influence elections from the Keys to the Panhandle.


Disney’s political spending in Florida has ballooned to unprecedented levels: It has spent nearly twice as much money as it had at this same point during the 2010 elections, and it has spent about six times as much as it did during the entire 2008 cycle.

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HONG KONG — The daughter of a flamboyant Hong Kong tycoon — who has offered $65 million to any man who can woo her away from her lesbian partner — said she’s not upset with her father. Still, it’s unlikely she will be accepting any of the marriage proposals flooding in.

Cecil Chao made world headlines this week when he offered the unusual marriage bounty after learning that his daughter, Gigi Chao, had eloped with her partner to France.

Hong Kong decriminalized homosexuality in 1991, but it does not legally recognize same-sex marriage.

Cecil Chao is the chairman of Hong Kong property developer Cheuk Nang Holdings and has a reputation for being a playboy.

He once claimed to have had 10,000 girlfriends but has never married. Read More

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