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Kim Kardashian scores $17. 9 Million during marriage to NBA locked out player Kris Humphries.

The New York post pinned Kim’s earnings from the wedding at $17.9 million, a figure derived from adding up her various sponsorship deals and freebies. That’s overly simplistic, given the amount she’d have had to shell out to various agents for their cuts. But this is a woman who made $12 million the year before her wedding extravaganza and charged $2,500 entry to her birthday party. Using the $17.9 million figure as a crude estimate, Kim raked in just under $250,000 a day, and over $10,000 an hour, for her 72-day marriage.


EA’s fastest selling title!

source: TechCrunch

Battlefield 3 is here and in a major way. The latest shooter in the long-running franchise hit the interweb and retailers last week and EA just announced that they moved 5 million units within the first week. For anyone that cares, that makes Battlefield 3 the fastest selling title in EA’s 29 year history. And for good reason. EA and DICE conducted a flawless marketing campaign for Battlefield 3. Read More

The Daily News reports:

Apple revealed it has a staggering $81.5 billion of GWOP in cash in the bank, according to reports.

That’s more  GWOP money than the United States government according to documents.

The tech giant disclosed parts of its 10K filing earlier this week, claiming it has 13.2 million square feet of building space, employs 60,400 full-time workers and made more than $37.5 billion in GWOP cash profits during the last fiscal year.

But Chief Executive Tim Cook said that money is not “burning a hole in his pocket” and that he wasn’t going to do “silly things” with it.

Cook, who took over for Steve Jobs in August, told investors in a call Wednesday he was in no hurry to decide what his company will do with the money.

source: LATimes

1. “Puss in Boots” (Paramount/DreamWorks Animation): Opened to $34 million. Opened overseas in three foreign markets, grossing $17 million.

2. “Paranormal Activity 3” (Paramount): $18.5 million on its second weekend, down 65%. $17 million overseas in 48 foreign markets. Domestic total: $81.3 million. International total: $54.2 million.

3. “In Time” (Fox/New Regency): Opened to $12 million. Opened overseas in 35 foreign markets, grossing $14.5 million.

4. “Footloose” (Paramount): $5.4 million on its third weekend, down 48%. $1.4 million overseas in 20 foreign markets. Domestic total: $38.4 million. International total: $8.2 million.

5. “The Rum Diary” (FilmDistrict/GK Films): Opened to $5 million. Read More

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