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On this date, 16 years ago, we lost Hip Hop icon, Eric “Eazy -E” Wright.  Wright died on March 26th 1995 ten days after anouncing he had contracted the AIDS virus.  Eazy E is known for creating hip hop rap group NWA, Dr. Dre, and Bone Thugs N Harmony.  In 1986, at the age of 23, Wright had allegedly earned as much as $250,000 from dealing drugs. However, he decided that he could make a better living by becoming involved with the Los Angeles hip-hop scene, which was growing rapidly in popularity. He then began recording songs during the mid-1980s in the garage of his parents’ home.

Checkout a throwback video of Eazy E below:

#RIP Eazy E

AVAILABLE April 5th 2011

Capo’ Track Listing

1. Intro (feat. Sen City & Santana)
2. Deep Blue (feat. Santana)
3. Carton Of Milk (feat. Game)
4. The Paper (feat. Santana)
5. Heart Attack (feat. Sen City)
6. Everybody Jones (feat. Aaron Lacrate)
7. Drops Is Out (feat. Raekwon, Mel Matrix, & Sen City)
8. Let Me Fly (feat. Rell)
9. Getting To The Money (feat. Cam’ron & Lady H)
10. Take A Bow (feat. Lloyd Banks, Prodigy, & Sen City)
11. Perfect Day (feat. Santana & Logic)
12. Changing The Locks (feat. Ashanti)
13. God Bless The Child (feat. Wyclef Jean)
14. Itza

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